The cultivation of sesame has been known in Lemnos, the island of the Greek God Ifestos, in the northern east Aegean Sea since the old times. The various oilmills processed the exquisite quality seed, providing all the inhabitants with enough oil. On this island, during the 30s, Vassilis Achilladelis, set up a family business that produced tahini and sesame oil based not only on an inheritance of knowledge and wisdom but also on his own strong will and desire to succeed. In the years that followed the production was enhanced with the addition of traditionally made halvah and delights receiving excellent reviews and rendering the business highly competitive in the Greek market. The next generation, Elias and Nikos combined the knowledge and experiences of the previous generation with the dynamism of the new one and succeeded in updating as well as expanding the home industry with respect to traditions and productive procedures. They added new products made from pure ingredients (with no additives) using traditional recipes such as molasses-grape must and homemade sweets. The following products are today available in the Greek and international market: tahini and traditional tahini (whole-grain), sesame oil, halvah (vanilla, cocoa, with almonds, with pistachio or with honey), delights in different flavors, vanilla, mastic, molasses-grape must, sour cherry juice, homemade sweets (cherry, sour cherry, pistachio, grape, quince, tomato, fig, squash, eggplant, pear, mandarin, small walnut, green bitter orange, rolled up bitter orange, carrot, watermelon, bergamot, grapefruit, orange, retseli, apricot, cocktail) and fruit candied. The raw materials are selected with great personal care. The fruit and vegetables, whether they are local or imported from various parts of our country, are transported in owned refrigerator trucks ensuring their exquisite quality. They are processed in the state-of-the art facilities of our unit, which applies a System of Quality Management-Hygiene and Food Safety ISO-HACCP in the production, packaging and standardization. Today, "ACHILLADELIS-LEMNOS" continuing the tradition with production experience and goodwill, is gradually transferred into the hands of the third generation without losing its founder's passion for work, its successors' willingness to surpass its success and the fine quality of its products.